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New members are welcomed. Membership applications can be obtained from this website ( Please see Policies (I) regarding meetings below. The General Member’s meetings are held January through May and September through November. There are no General Membership meetings June, July, and August. The meetings are held at the North Ridge Country Club in North Raleigh at 6612 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC at 6:15 p.m. The meetings usually include cocktails, a meal, and continuing education. The current membership fee is $360.00 plus any assessments per calendar year. Membership for new members can be pro-rated according to the plan established by the Executive Board.


Raleigh-Wake County Dental Society
c/o Kimberly Lee, Administrative Assistant, 2718 CREEK BEND CT GRAHAM NC 27253-8482

The newsletter of the Society is published September 1st and January 15th of each year. The deadline for submission of information to be included in the upcoming issue is four weeks prior to the publish date.   Members may place ads at no cost.  All dental professionals seeking employment can place ads cost-free.  Submissions should be submitted to the Editor ([email protected]). The newsletter is mailed and/or emailed to members and posted on the RWCDS Website (

The Executive Board meets on the second Tuesday of the month of January through May and August through November at 6:30 p.m.  Executive Board meetings are open to RWCDS members. Any member wishing to attend is required to call the President prior to the meeting date

New requests for community projects should be made in writing to the current President at [email protected]

Please direct membership inquiries to the Administrative Assistant or Executive Director at the address provided above.

I. Regarding non-RWCDS members attending RWCDS general meetings:

A. Trained dentists who are eligible for RWCDS membership and are not recent dental school graduates or specialty program graduates may attend 2 meetings at no expense before incurring a billing for the meeting cost.

B. Guests of members who have no possibility of future RWCDS membership are welcome to attend meetings 1) when accompanied by a member host and the meeting expense is reimbursed to the RWCDS or 2) invited by the Executive Board.

C. Recent dental school graduates or specialty program graduates may attend meetings expense-free for the remainder of the calendar year in which they graduate.

D. Dental students may attend meetings expense free when accompanied by a member host. Attendance is limited to two visits per calendar year.

E. RWCDS members may invite trained dentists and dental students to meetings as their guest without prior Executive Board approval. At its discretion, the Executive Board can deny access to a meeting by any non-RWCDS member. The Executive Board prior to the date of the meeting must approve potential guests who are not trained dentists or dental students for admittance.

Regarding use of RWCDS owned equipment, the RWCDS will not loan or rent RWCDS owned equipment to non-RWCDS entities.

The RWCDS Executive Board will not allow explicit solicitation for services, materials, insurance products or equipment by educational speakers.

Only RWCDS members who are specialist in ADA accepted specialties can be listed on RWCDS.ORG using ADA approved specialties.

In general, the speaker should not be a dentist practicing or residing in Wake County.  Unless presented with unusually extenuating circumstances, the Executive Board should not schedule speakers who practice or reside in Wake County.

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